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Jan 1, 2019

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“NIKITA DEDEL’S debut fashion show for 1000MORCEAUX took place last November at START, a project space in Moscow focused on supporting young Russian artists. Models did whatever they felt natural: swaying around, holding hands, bumping into each other, filming on their phones, smiling. It was as if everyone was in a trance, lost in their own world, hidden from prying eyes by a translucent curtain.

This was enhanced by the low lighting, illuminating only the very centre of the gallery. The music sounded as though it had been created for an altered state of consciousness – for Dedel, a meditative state of removal was crucial. For this show he looked at things which are very familiar so often taken for granted: clippings from Burda magazine, his parents’ wardrobe and cheap department stores.

Collecting these scattered memories, 1000MORCEAUX connects them into patched up pieces made from sumptuous fabrics from family members with ceramic objects – mini sculptures – dangling on single threads.”